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Aropec, Functional garments for diving, swimming, triathlon, marathon, cycling, outdoor sports etc.

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Established in 1963, AROPEC SPORTS CORP. is a leading company in Taiwan specializing in design, development and manufacture of high-quality products and functional garments for water sports and outdoor sports, all of which being widely welcome by customers in about 90 countries. 


Aropec`s headquarters in Taichung, central Taiwan

AROPEC's quality products cover a wide range of water sports and outdoor sports, including scuba diving, snorkeling, spear-fishing, surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, rafting, canoeing, swimming, cycling, marathon, triathlon etc. In addition to top-grade functional wear for various sports, the company also offers related equipment and accessories for weekend and competitive sports activities. 

By integrating the best designs, advanced materials and functions, AROPEC recently introduced a series of high-end functional garments, including the Tri-Compress and Triathlon Wetsuit. The former is a high-end compression suit for triathlons, while the latter for increasingly popular watersports worldwide. 

The Tri-compress collection is specifically designed for professional racing which is based on the Tri Max super-stretch fabric to provide moderate compression and enhanced sport performance. The back mesh material provides better breathability; while the  revolutionary Air Pad chamois is comfortable on skin and offers protection against bumps and bruises. This Tri-compress series is a high performance garment suitable for extremely rigorous sports. 


Tri-Compress TX-1, Triathlon Compression Lycra Suit

Characteristics and special designs of the collection: 
1. Excellent Compression--Revolutionary Tri-Max fabric, of a specially-woven, super-stretch fiber to restrict uncontrolled muscular movement to result in improved  performance and reduce soreness after exercise. 

2. Stretch Mesh--Breathable back mesh fabric to allow escape of body heat and hence improve comfort while cycling. 

3. Comfort Stretch Band--Equipped with "Dynamic Band" to provide anti-slip properties and muscle support on limbs. 

4. Unique Air Pad--The Air Pad supreme high-density chamois with different thickness and enhanced perforations to increase protection and comfort, all of which enables better focus on competition. 

5. Storage--Back pocket design for maximum storage capacity coupled with closure flap to avoid loss of property. 

6. Safety--Equipped with reflective patches on back pocket to achieve higher visibility of wearer in dark environment. 

7. Flatlock--Flatlock stitched construction for non-chafing wear that also decreases effect of wind drag. 

8. Front Zip--Front zip offers ventilation control and maximum comfort, with the hidden zipper pull providing protection from pinching of skin. 

Triathlon Wetsuit 
AROPEC's triathlon wetsuits provide not only functional features of proper fit, durability, comfort but also being fashionably designed. The collection enables triathlon athletes to win with minimal injuries and look good at once. 


Flying Fish, 3/2mm Super Stretch Skin Triathlon Fullsuit for Man

Characteristics and design features of Triathlon Wetsuit: 
1. With slick-surface of super stretch smooth skin to decrease water resistance to thus enhance speed in swimming.                    
2. Made of low-density, super stretchy Skin Neoprene, whose lower density and lighter weight enhance flotation in water and make swimming faster.  

3. Embossed water channels or special printing on chest for more efficient water flow to enhance swimming speed.                          

4. Embossed skin neoprene or special printing on elbow to increase friction against water during stroking to enhance swimming speed. 

5. 3D superior super-stretch skin on arms, armpits, body to maximize freedom of movement during watersports. 

6. "Open-Top Zipper" on back to enable removal of wetsuit faster than other competitors. 

7. Low position of neckline and anti-water-entry design enables easier, efficient changing breaths while swimming. 

AROPEC moved to a new, modern and integrated factory/warehouse in 2011 to have raised its manufacturing capacity and shortened lead time to better serve more customers. 

With unmatched product diversity and specialized know-how, AROPEC is dedicated to helping vendors of all kinds build profitability with high quality water sports wear.  

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