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Established from 1963, Aropec Sports Corp. has provided outstanding water sport products and service to 86 countries for more than half a century. Starting from diving, we have expanded our areas of expertise to surfing, swimming, and now even make a huge leap to triathlon and outdoor sports.

Regarding our brand name “AROPEC,” "ARO" stands for "AERO," which means heaven or sky, compared to God in Chinese. "PEC" means aid or support. Thus "AROPEC" means God's help. As the proverb says, "God helps those who help themselves." Through our products, we hope to convey the initial conception that urges people to do exercise, enjoy sport, further to challenge oneself and then make a breakthrough in their living life.

We provide various products for customers around the world, and desire to work extremely closely with each customer. Paying attention to customers’ feedback helps us develop better products to fit their need. More and more clients develop good relationship of mutual trust with Aropec. We hope not only to be your good partner, but also your good friend that can be relied on well.

You might wonder, why choosing our products or what’s the benefit working with us. Please allow me to tell you more about our brand, AROPEC, and how we can support you to grow business together.

 ●  AROPEC’s product quality is guaranteed and professionalism is acknowledged, a brand that gives both you and your customer confidence.

 -   Rescue squads and Fire Department are using our products.

-    Domestic professional athletes: Marathon contestant, windsurfing contest, also canoe team with 4 silver medals in Inchon Asia Games choose AROPEC

-   International professional athletes: Professional triathlon team, also UK triathlon champion chose AROPEC

-   Diving enthusiasts recommended brand of choice

-   Media Recommended brand

●   We are professional manufacturer with our own designers, engineers, and production plant. AROPEC sets its standard high to ensure your reputation is protected and your customers are satisfied.

-    Product design: Function oriented design in line with latest fashion trends plus professional testing team to monitor product performance.

-    Technology: Numbers of patents and certifications to promise our customers they deserve the best products.



-   Product & Material Development: Self-develop capability, also cooperate with academic institutions, Taiwan Textile Research Institute for example.

-   Quality control: ERP system monitors every step, from material testing, production procedure, to product quality examination.

-   After sale service: Assurance policy and market, industry information update to each of our partners.

●  Our comprehensive product line and capability to customize particular product inquiry, AROPEC helps you to satisfy more customers.

-   Integrated marketing: One-stop window to satisfy diverse demands plus strict quality control to ensure your business grow without further  concern.

-   Integral service: One-stop window to provide you complete service from design, develop, produce, to product accomplished.

 ●  A reliable supplier, a partner, who continuously providing new design also commit to international marketing that helps you remain competitive on the market.

-   New products will be announced regularly

-   Participate in international exhibitions: Encourage customer communication, enhance product recognition and brand popularity for our partners.

Our product is recognized in strict and competitive European market, including UK and Germany, as well as many countries worldwide. We are sincerely inviting customers to try our products. I believe this will be a great opportunity for our long term partnership and mutual-beneficial cooperation.

Endorsed by professional divers and athletes, we have built excellent reputation for our quality products. With quality manufacturing, innovative design, product diversity and data collecting, Aropec is dedicated to helping enthusiasts worldwide for their pursuit of sport adventures. Planning for an adventure? Come and pick something from Aropec!