Endurance Calf Sleeves II


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Aropec Endurance Calf Sleeves II Service Introduction

AROPEC SPORTS CORP. is Taiwan Endurance Calf Sleeves II supplier and manufacturer with more than 51 years experence. Since 1963, in the Outstanding Water Sports Industry, Aropec has been offering our customers high quality Endurance Calf Sleeves II production service. With both advanced technology and 51 years experience, Aropec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Endurance Calf Sleeves II


Kinesio Taping Technique Calf Sleeves II

Endurance Calf Sleeves II


  • Enhance the muscle endurance of soleus and gastrocnemius, and decrease the fatigue
  • Support the calf muscle reducing muscle vibration allowing the calf to operate more efficiently, reducing fatigue and muscle cramping, increasing power and strength, and help your calves recovery faster
  • They are warpped to provide a high level of compression and support muscles to function naturally
  • Reduce the risk of injury and allow blood circulation through the feet and back up to legs
  • Placed "Powerband" around the calf muscle provide extra muscle support and lateral stability, help you perform better for longer
  • Our new Endurance Calf were tested with sportsmen to create the best compression calf on the market


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