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Aropec Smart Phone Armband Service Introduction

AROPEC SPORTS CORP. is Taiwan Smart Phone Armband supplier and manufacturer with more than 51 years experence. Since 1963, in the Outstanding Water Sports Industry, Aropec has been offering our customers high quality Smart Phone Armband production service. With both advanced technology and 51 years experience, Aropec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Smart Phone Armband


5.5" Smart Phone Armband

Smart Phone Armband


  • 5.5" Smart Phone Armband
  • * Equipped with 5.5" large volume to insert most phones easily
  • * High sensitivity TPU touch screen
  • * Breathable armband, improve the comfort while excercising
  • * User friendly ear phone holder design beside the screen
  • * Extra card pocket design at back
  • * Extra key pocket between the belt fasten holes
  • * Color: Black, Gray/Pink


  • Black, Gray/Pink