AquaThermal Fullsuit For Unisex


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Aropec AquaThermal Fullsuit For Unisex Service Introduction

AROPEC SPORTS CORP. is Taiwan AquaThermal Fullsuit For Unisex supplier and manufacturer with more than 51 years experence. Since 1963, in the Outstanding Water Sports Industry, Aropec has been offering our customers high quality AquaThermal Fullsuit For Unisex production service. With both advanced technology and 51 years experience, Aropec always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

AquaThermal Fullsuit For Unisex


AquaThermal Fullsuit For Unisex

Penguin Fullsuit


  • Aropec AquaThermal fullsuit has many uses providing full body protection from cold, sun and marine stingers
  • The suit is designed to completely replace your wetsuit in warmer waters
  • The additional benefit of neutral buoyancy characteristics will increase your comfort level whilst snorkelling or scuba diving as less weight needs to be worn
  • The AquaThermal suit is so versatile that after you tropical diving adventure it can even be worn as a dry suit undergarment in colder waters as the equivelent of a 2-3mm wetsuit
  • The AquaThermal suit provides full body exposure protection with the ease of a back zipper entry
  • Wear as a stand-alone full body exposure suit in warmer waters or layer under a standard neoprene wetsuit in the cooler months


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